Arbiter, handmade men's shoes Made in Italy

Into Since 1954, Alfonso Marciano, produces shoes made ​​entirely by hand in Italian laboratories, presiding still in all the production processes of his creations, from design to canning and renewing an ancient art beyond fashion and time. The characteristics of the production Arbiter are handcrafted stitching on leather upper with Suglia and string, executed entirely by hand as 50 years ago, working with skilled cutter cardboard models, and not with shears, because our products are special and crafts , and thus require a manual cutting;

manual assembly of upper form of work they can perform only the hands of expert shoemakers because they require special manual skills and a sense of proportion, that almost no one has; finishing the soles, which highlights the originality of the shoes, each particular request; mold heel and soles with natural colors that enhance the quality and genuineness of the leather.