Arbiter, the history of Italian shoe men's shoes

Into When Alfonso Marciano began his career entrepreneurship, in 1954, perhaps not even dare to hope that his company would have crossed the borders of the continental accrediting of the best suppliers of shoes worldwide. Born in 1932, became already at fifteen skilled shoemaker, and after a brief stint family business, he decided to cut ties with all launching into an adventure lone could best give space to his creativity: creativity that conjugated a tireless precision, have made it a true master of the art footwear. And that business plan, was founded over half a century ago, continues without interruption thanks the support of his six children and his same enthusiasm. The shoes are entirely made of Arbiter

Into Hand in Italian laboratories, where even today Alfonso himself presides over all production processes, from design to canning, transmitting all its employees his positive energy and his love for the job. And so decade after decade has failed to renew an ancient art adapting it from time to time with the parameters of taste in continuous evolution and placing Arbiter, with good reason, beyond fashion and time, in the narrow Olympus companies that have no age.